Parking at Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium, better known as “Home of the Chiefs,” has the fifth largest seating capacity in the NFL. First-time visitors will drink in the vibrant tailgating environment of Kansas-City, replete with beer, crazy hats, concrete chefs, more beer, and new friends, after which they will witness kickoff, and the record-breaking roars of 76,000 die-hard Chiefs fans at one of football’s finest fields. These fans will fight through crowded concourses to get to their specific section within the stadium (hopefully having consulted the Chiefs’ official seating chart first).

But before even arriving at the main gate, they will search for a place to park.

With only a few first-come first-serve cash lots, specifically A, N, and L, all far from the actual field, newcomers might find themselves in a parking pickle. Thanks to the football-loving environment surrounding Arrowhead Stadium, improvisation is possible.

A nearby church offers fifteen dollar parking. Local homeowners, businesses, and private lot owners also provide parking and tailgating at affordable prices. Some Kansas city locals have even been rumored to share beer with parking guests. For more information on these alternatives, a simple Google search should suffice. If there are any doubts about whether or not you can park in a certain lot, make sure you inquire, and get a definitive answer from someone who lives or works in the area. Some businesses allow parking, and others do not. The last thing you want is a ticket for assuming.

Moreover, even the alternatives fill up fast, especially since the tailgating party in Kansas City begins five hours before kickoff. Horror stories can be found on blogs across the Internet about fans not finding parking until after the first half. Arrive early to avoid such travesties. Stadium lots open up three and a half hours before the game starts. Expect heavy traffic at the time gates are lifted, followed shortly thereafter by a slight lull. One hour before the game is when the congestion will be heaviest, so try to arrive at least two hours before kickoff to secure a space in one of the stadium’s cash lots.

The Chiefs’ website also sells shuttle passes that allow you to drop your car off at one of several listed locations. These passes must be paid for in advance, and the busses leave promptly at two hours before kickoff. Miss the departure, and you are on your own.

Regardless of which parking method you intend to use, be sure arrive early, and expect chaos in Kansas-city on game day. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory, and probably always will. But if you plan ahead, and stay calm despite the mayhem, the rewards are well worth it when the Chief’s walk off the field, victorious once again.

This article was written by Dominick Sorrentino. Dominick is a professional writer based in Honolulu, Hawaii and can be contacted through Google+.